December 2000

Spectrum Baritone

That's the typical reaction to this guitar, at first of course because it's just so beautiful. With a stunning combination Burl / Flame Maple, this is a guitar that makes a wood-lover's eyes bulge. The dense Burl pattern yields to Flame on the horns, making you wonder if it's really the same piece of wood. The day Jack came up to select the woods for his guitar, he didn't yet know exactly what he was looking for. Once he saw this piece of Maple, he knew this would be the top of his guitar. Then we went on with collecting the measurements of his favorite guitar he brought up with him so the necks would match, and switching between the two would be easier.

Jack's Bari
peghead We made these front and back veneers from the same wood as the front laminate. The inlaid logo with shell is recessed under the finish; if you rub your finger across it, you can't feel it. Jack preferred the Crown peghead shape to the standard shape for this model.

Jack upgraded to abalone oval inlays with his name inlaid at the 12th fret. James picked out some highly figured shell before fitting the inlays in the ebony fingerboard. Jack inlay
bridge chromed
Whenever we make an instrument with a custom fingerboard width, we make our hardware to match it. This way the strings won't be pulled in or out from the bridge to the tailpiece. On Jack's guitar, we also chrome plated the hardware. It's a nice cold contrast to the warm top wood. Plus, it never tarnishes so it always looks nice.
While most of the guitar has a high-gloss polyester finish, the neck is further sanded to create a satin neck feel. This option is no extra charge, and makes the neck feel incredibly fast and never sticky. satin neck
inlaid logo
The recessed sterling silver Alembic logo with mother of pearl and abalone inlay is always a welcomed treat. We love the way it looks!

From every angle this guitar is gorgeous.


front back


  • 6-string Spectrum baritone guitar
  • Custom string spacing and neck feel
  • Burl Maple Maple top, Mahogany body
  • Chrome Plated hardware
  • Abalone oval inlays
  • Custom abalone inlay "Jack"
  • Inlaid logo with shell
  • High gloss polyester finish with satin neck
  • Crown peghead shape
  • 28" baritone scale

Price available on request

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