Stanley Clarke Deluxe Bass

Deluxe in Coco Bolo with optional side LEDs

Stanley Clarke Signature

Quite possibly the most iconic of all Alembic basses, the Stanley Clarke Signature basses are modelled after the Series I basses that Stan has performed and recorded with since 1973. The Signature models are designed to share the physical characteristics with these Series I basses, with electronics that offer simpler operation and a lower price.

The first thing you notice when you play a Stanley Clarke Signature bass is how easy it is to play. That's largely due to something small, the short scale length. At 30.75 inches, the scale length is exactly what Stan plays, to the surprise of many. When the frets are closer together, your fretting hand can enjoy a less stretched postition at the lower frets, which is a joy for those with small and large hands alike. There is also the added benefit that playing quickly can be even quicker when you have nearly four inches less space to travel compared to a standard long scale bass. That can make it possible to play some music that before was only in your head.

The Stanley Clarke Signature basses are also natural choices when you want to tune tenor or piccolo style. But don't think for a minute that this little bass can't handle standard tuning like a champ. Any preconceived ideas you may have about short scale basses through your past experience with other makers will be reset once you play an Alembic short scale. It's an entirely different beast, and it's a beast of tone to boot, with plenty of low-end and sustain.

The Standard and Deluxe versions are very similar - the pickups, electronics, feel and size are in fact identical. Where they differ is in the wood choices and lamination patterns. There's no better Alembic value than the Signature Deluxe if you are a fan of our house wood, since that model has Coco Bolo on both the top and back. The Standard model does not sport a back laminate. The necks are the same size, and both have Maple as their primary wood. The Deluxe model adds two laminates of Purpleheart that run the length of the neck.

Alembic is the original custom shop, and these standard features are a springboard for your own ideas. Every part of this bass is made under one roof, and nealy any feature can be custom made to your specifications.


Flame Maple Quilted Maple Spalted Maple Curly Redwood Flame Walnut Superb Walnut Quartersawn Coco Bolo Coco Bolo Rosewood Dark Buckeye Burl Templar Secrets The Little Giant Twilight
Note: Some examples include custom options. Start exploring your own custom Stanley Clarke Deluxe.


Quilted Maple AAA Maple Burl Zebrawood Buckeye Burl Vermilion Walnut Redwood Burl All About Color
Note: Some examples include custom options. Start exploring your own custom Stanley Clarke Standard.
STANDARD SPECS 4-string Deluxe 4-string Standard
Scale length 30.75 in 30.75 in
Neck woods 5-pieces: Maple with Purpleheart laminates 3-pieces: Maple with Walnut pinstripes
Fingerboard Ebony with mother of pearl inlays Ebony with mother of pearl inlays
Nut width 1.5 in 1.5 in
24th fret width 2.15 in 2.15 in
Peghead Alembic Crown Alembic Crown
Truss rods dual, body adjust dual, body adjust
Top and back Coco Bolo or Quilted Maple Quilted Maple or Flame Walnut (top only)
Body wood Mahogany Mahogany
Sandwich Coco Bolo, Maple, Mahogany, Maple, Coco Bolo Quilted Maple, Purpleheart, Mahogany
Body depth 1.55 in 1.55 in
Finish Polyester gloss with satin neck Polyester gloss with satin neck
Pickups Alembic AXY Alembic AXY
Controls volume, pan, filter x2, 2-position Q-switch x2 volume, pan, filter x2, 2-position Q-switch x2
Tailpiece Solid brass bird Solid brass bird
Nut height adjustable solid brass height adjustable solid brass
Machine heads Gold Alembic-Gotoh Gold Alembic-Gotoh
Average weight 10.75 pounds 10 pounds
Overall dimensions About 43" x 13.5" About 43" x 13.5"
Origin 100% Made in Santa Rosa, CA USA 100% Made in Santa Rosa, CA USA