AXY Activators

2AXY/PVF Activator


AXY pickup AE-1 filter Volume Pan
These are the same pickups we use on our Spoiler and Signature Series basses. If you're building a bass from scratch, or don't mind routing your bass, these are our premier pickups. Wide 1/2 inch magnet aperture delivers the broadest frequency response among any of our pickups.

With a pan, volume, filter control arrangement, tons of useable tones are available at your fingertips. The filter's Q is preset to an 8dBboost, so you'll hear the distinctive Alembic "wah-wah" when you use it.

2AXY/PVF-2 Activator


AXY pickup AE-2 filter Volume Pan
Adds a Q switch to the PVF described above. Allows 8 dB boost or flat filter response.

2AXY/AE-3 Activator


AXY pickup AE-3 Volume Pan
The 2AXY/AE-3 Activator utilizes bass and treble cut and boost controls instead of filters for the tone circuitry. Both controls boost 6dB and cut 20dB with center dentents so you can always find the flat position.

The AE-3 circuit is the same as we use in our Epic and Orion basses.

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