JZ Activators

JZ/PVF Activator

JZ pickups AE-1 filter Volume
Get ready for rich deep bass when you install these Activators. Our JZ/PVF Activator is a direct retrofit for Fender Jazz basses and equivalent models.

Controls: pan, volume, and low-pass filter.

JZ/PVF-2 Activator

JZ pickups AE-2 filter Volume Pan
Adds a Q switch to the JZ/PVF Activator described above. The Q switch dampens the 8dB resonant boost so you can also enjoy the flat filter response.

JZ/AE-3 Activator

JZ pickups AE-3 Volume Pan
Using the bass and treble circuit from our Epic and Orion basses, the JZ/AE-3 cleans up your tone, but gives you familiar bass and treble controls.

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