P/AE-1 Activator

P pickups AE-1 filter Volume
Our P/AE-1 Activator is a direct retrofit for Fender Preciscion basses and equivalent models. To install the P/AE-1 Activator, you just drop in the new pickups, and plug them into the electronics modules. Mount the electronics to the pickguard or to the body (for instruments with backplates) and start playing!

You will need to sheild the electronics cavity. You can use copper foil, nickel sheilding paint, carbon sheilding paint , or silver sheilding paint (like we use on our basses), as long as it's conductive. The system grounds when the rivets of the pots come in contact with the sheilding paint, there is no need to hook up an additional grounding wire to the bridge.

P/AE-2 Activator

P pickups AE-2 filter Volume
The P/AE-2 Activator adds a two-position q-switch to the AE-1 system described above. This switch allows you to dampen the filter's resonance and listen to the flat filter response. When the Q Switch is "on" it adds an 8dB boost to the resonance where the filter is tuned. If you sweep the filter control back and forth while the Q switch is on, you'll hear a distinctive "wah-wah" sound. The Q switch is not an active/passive switch.

Our pickups are low-noise, low-impedence, and therefore low output and require an on-board preamp to boost the signal. We include a trimpot on the preamp board that allows you to set the overall gain of the system. When you match the output of your newly activated bass to other basses you own, you won't need to change your amp settings when you switch instruments during the same set.

P/AE-3 Activator

P pickups AE-3 Volume
The P/AE-3 Activator utilizes bass and treble cut and boost controls instead of filters for the tone circuitry. Both controls boost 6dB and cut 20dB with center dentents so you can always find the flat position.

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