RK Activators

RK/PVF Activator

RK pickups AE-1 filter Volume
RK series Activators are among the few direct retrofit pickups for Rickenbacker basses. With the RK/PVF, you'll get pan, volume, and filter controls with a mono output jack.

RK/PVF-2 Activator

RK pickups AE-2 filter Volume Pan
Adds a Q switch to the set described above.

RK/AE-3 Activator

RK pickups AE-3 Volume Pan
Pan, volume, bass cut and boost, and treble cut and boost fill up the mounting holes you've already got. Plus, the familiar bass/treble arrangement means the only thing you'll have to get used to with a new set of RK/AE-3s is clean, clear tone.

Rickenbacker is a trademark of the Rickenbacker Corporation.

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