MXY Activators

2MXY/PVF Activator


MXY pickup AE-1 filter Volume Pan
Epic, Orion, Essence, Rogue, and Europa basses all use or MXY pickup. This is actually the same internal pickup as the AXY, only we reduce the housing to the smallest size possible.

When to use MXY pickups? The MXY pickups are a good choice if you like the sound of traditional AXY pickups but want a smaller pickup. Also good for changing JZ routs to the bigger aperture magents found in these pickups.

Pan, volume, and filter controls are simple to use and the "wah-wah" of the filter's 8 dB Q boost makes it fun to play.

2MXY/PVF-2 Activator


MXY pickup AE-2 filter Volume Pan
Adds a Q switch to the PVF described above. Allows 8 dB boost or flat filter response.

2MXY/AE-3 Activator


MXY pickup AE-3 Volume Pan
Just like our Epic and Orion basses, the 2MXY/AE-3 Activator uses seperate bass and treble controls. Both controls boost 6dB and cut 20dB with center detents for the flat reference point. If you can operate your car stereo, you can use the AE-3 electronics.

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