HB Activators

2HB/PVF Activator


HB pickup AE-1 filter Volume Pan
The HB shape is our direct retrofit for humbucker pickups. These will drop right in and improve the clarity of your tone instantly.

With our exclusive low-pass filter control, you'll also have instant access to scores of usable musical tones.

2HB/PVF-2 Activator


HB pickup AE-2 filter Volume Pan
Adds a Q switch to the PVF system described above.

2HB/AE-3 Activator


HB pickup AE-3 Volume Pan
If you've got an Epic bass and love it, why not Alembicize your other bass with our 2HB/AE-3 Activator? Same full range of tones with an easy to use bass and treble interface.

Humbucker is a trademark of the Gibson Corporation.

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